How to Write a Home Inventory List

Homeowners (and even those who are renting) are encouraged to have a home inventory list in the case of home damage, such as a fire or a burglary. Home Inventory List, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Worcester, MAA home inventory list may be time consuming to create, but once you have it, the home inventory list will give you peace of mind. Should anything happen to your belongings, a home inventory list will help your insurance company know what to cover and how much to reimburse you.

The first step to having a home inventory list is to go about it in a very organized fashion. Below, we will list a few different tools that may help simplify the process. Begin your list by going room to room and taking inventory of each item. List the serial numbers of the items that you have purchased and write down the average cost. Save any receipts that you may have, preferably by scanning them onto your computer and saving them onto the cloud (which can be as easy as using Google Drive) so that they are not lost if your home or computer files are damaged.

A great way to create a home inventory list is by taking photographs of each item and then storing the files somewhere secure. Be sure to take close-ups of serial numbers and brand names. You could also choose to use a video camera and have a voiceover, outlining each item as it is recorded.

There are a variety of websites and apps that will help you track all of your possessions. Some personal inventory managing programs will allow you to scan the barcode of each item in your home and will automatically generate a report that can be given to your insurance agent in the case of a claim. Using an app to create a home inventory list is also useful because it will help you remember where you keep everything and whether or not you have lent something to a friend. Creating a home inventory list is a great excuse to get organized. You may find items that you might not feel the need to keep, and therefore de-clutter your home.

If you do not use any of the above methods, it is suggested that you at least utilize a digital spreadsheet that is stored somewhere on the cloud. That way, if your computer happens to be damaged or stolen, you will still have this important spreadsheet saved where it may be accessed in the future.

Now that you know how to write a home inventory list, it is important to be sure that your insurance company is giving you the most coverage for the best price. Contact the agents at TJ Woods Insurance, and we’d be happy to speak with you about our homeowners insurance and renters insurance policies.

Have you ever attempted to write a home inventory list? What did you find difficult about it?