When to Consider Getting Non-Owner Car Insurance

Man signing paper with keys on the deskIt has become increasingly common for people to drive cars they don’t own. This is a result of people renting or leasing vehicles and the rise of car sharing apps. This makes the prospect of non-owner car insurance that much more important for motorists to consider. If you plan on ever operating a vehicle that is not your own, you should contemplate adding non-owner insurance to your policy.

What Does Non-Owner Insurance Cover?

Non-owner insurance provides liability coverage for injuries or damages that are caused in an accident when driving a vehicle that is not yours. Depending on the insurer and state, it may also include medical coverage for your own injuries, as well as uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage pays for the remainder of the costs when you are injured in an accident, and your medical bills exceed the liability limits of the other driver’s insurance. Non-owner insurance does not usually include collision or comprehensive coverages, which pay for the repairs or replacement of the vehicle.

Who Should Consider Non-Owner Insurance?

There are many scenarios in which having non-owner insurance could benefit you, whether you own a car or not. Consider non-owner insurance if you participate in any of the following activities:

Additional Cases Requiring Non-Owner Insurance

Another reason for this coverage is if you have been convicted of a DUI and had your license revoked, but you don’t own a car. In most states, you must have proof of insurance to have your driver’s license reinstated. If you don’t own a car to insure, non-owner insurance can be used to reinstate your license. An additional scenario is if you are in between cars but want to maintain continuous coverage. When you go to get insurance on the new car, the insurer often views gaps in your timeline as risky. This could lead to higher rates on your new policy. You can use non-owner insurance to bridge the gap and keep your rates low.

Non-Owner Insurance on Company Vehicles

In addition to personal coverages, non-owner insurance can also be applied to businesses. Often times employees use their personal vehicles at work, such as driving their truck to transport materials for a construction company. If their vehicle is damaged through usage for work at your company, you may be on the line for repairs. Non-owner insurance can be applied to pay for the damages to their vehicle. Non-owner insurance will also cover the cost of damages and injuries caused in an accident involving a company car, including instances where employees are given company cars for use as personal vehicles.

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