What to Expect – 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Are you prepared for the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season? Have you begun taking safety precautions and checked that your insurances are up-to-date with your needs?2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season; TJ Woods Insurance Agency; Worcester, MA While paying attention to the Atlantic hurricane season forecasts can be helpful, it can also be misleading. Nature can be an unpredictable force, and therefore, nothing can take the place of proper safeguards in the Atlantic during hurricane season.

Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season begins in less than two weeks and it is expected to be another highly active season. June 1st kicks off the Atlantic hurricane season, and it runs through November 30th for the northern Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. And with the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season comes much forecasting and more of a consenus than a debate among weather forecasters.

2013 Predictions

The predictions vary slightly among sources such as AccuWeather and The Weather Channel, but the general agreement for the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season is that it is expected to be busy. Warmer Atlantic waters and higher sea levels are expected to contribute to a more intense Atlantic hurricane season. Eight or nine hurricanes are predicted to make an appearance, with about half of those considered major. There is also expected to be between 16 and 18 named storms in the Atlantic alone this hurricane season.

Naming a Storm

What brings a storm to the status worthy of a name during the Atlantic hurricane season? A storm with winds in excess of 38 miles per hour is considered a tropical storm. The names given to storms with a status of tropical or above are determined in advance by the World Meteorological Organization and are rotated every 6 years. Therefore, the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season is recycling storm names from 2007. And while the Atlantic hurricane seasons regularly recycle names, there is one exception. If a storm causes significant damage, then that name is retired and replaced with another name beginning with the same letter, so as not to be offensive.

At TJ Woods Insurance Agency in Worcester, Massachusetts, during the Atlantic hurricane season and always, we strongly encourage everyone to have a safety plan. Insurance is important, of course, but physically protecting yourself and your family is even more important. Mass.gov offers many resources, from preparedness kits to protecting your pets to hurricane tracking links.

Whether you’re contacting us to check into your current insurance coverage or to meet with us for the first time about potential insurance this Atlantic hurricane season, our consultations are free. Your protection is at the heart of TJ Woods Insurance Agency.

What Atlantic hurricane season do you remember most clearly? Have you experienced firsthand the effects of a hurricane and how did you weather the storm?