What Do You Do If Your Home Is Robbed?

Burglar opening a door that has a chain lock on itHomeowners insurance is there to protect your home from the costs associated with property damage or destruction, including both the home and your possessions within. This also extends to the theft of your possessions, paying out the funds needed to replace them. If you’re the target of a house invasion and robbery, here are some of the things you should do to help your home insurance company repay you quickly, as well as to help with future break-ins. 

Create a Home Inventory List 

When you choose your homeowners insurance policy, you generally conduct a home inventory of everything in your house and what you believe everything in your home costs. If this is something you haven’t done and in the case of a robbery, try to remember everything you had in your home, including jewelry, personal items, important documents, and technology. After you create a list, you can send that to your insurance agent to create a claim. Make sure your list is detailed with how much each item costs. Depending on your time of coverage on your possessions, you’ll be repaid a certain amount.  

Protect Your Home from Future Invaders 

Take proper precautions with your home to prevent burglary. To start, install a security system. This can be installing cameras in your house along with alarms and remember to set alarms any time you leave or go to sleep. This can also reduce your premiums if you purchase home security. Less costly actions you can take is going around to all doors and windows and making sure they are locked correctly. The more steps you take to protecting your home, the less likely you are to experience another burglary.  

Do Not Stash Money in Your Home 

If you are someone who likes to hide money under floorboards or in your drawers, it is time to move that into the bank. If your house gets robbed, there is no proof of you having cash in your home. Even if you were to take pictures of your money before the incident, there is no way someone will be able to tell if that money was there before or if you had taken it out prior to the robbery. A typical homeowners policy only covers up to $200 in cash. Consider moving your money somewhere safer because you never know when the unthinkable can occur.  

Protect Your Jewelry 

The only way your jewels can be covered is if you purchase jewelry insurance. This insurance will cover your jewels if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. For example, if your home is a victim of a robbery and your engagement ring is stolen, homeowners insurance will only cover a fraction. If you want your precious jewels to have more coverage, then you must purchase more coverage.  

Your house is not a home until you make it into one. Protect what you love about your home by getting the right homeowner’s insurance. At TJ Woods we are here to help set you up with the best insurance agencies that can find you the best-suited coverage for you. Contact us today to learn more about what TJ Woods can do for you.