Linda Lebel

On work life…

Learn more about Linda Lebel - TJ Woods Insurance Agency, in Worcester MA

What’s the very best part of your job and why?

Best part of my job is meeting a lot of interesting people as I collect their money, since I am the bookkeeper. You can learn a lot about the clients just by listening to what they have to say. Sometimes they mention something that is significant to mention to their CSR and they can inform them of better insurance needs.

What made you want to work at TJ Woods Insurance?

What made me want to work at TJ Woods Insurance is dealing with this agency in my prior job. I had worked at an insurance premium finance company for around 25 years that ended up being sold. Like my previous job, your coworkers are like family, and at the Woods agency that same feeling is there. They are like family.

What makes you the most proud of where you work, and why?

I am most proud to work at the Thomas J Woods Insurance Agency, because they love to help people. They do a lot of extras for their clients to make them as satisfied as possible. I think sometimes they go way above and beyond what is expected.

What’s the best piece of advice you can impart to a prospective insurance customer?

The best piece of advice I can give to a prospective insurance customer is pay your bills on time. You can save on late fees and cancellation fees. Ask the CSR about paid in full discounts and all other discounts you may take advantage of to cost you less. Always be aware of the due dates on everything, including renewal dates on your policies and when the bills are due.

A little more personal…

Tell us about what you’re the most proud of in your life.

The best part and proudest part of my life, is my family. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband Rick and 2 amazing children. My son Randy, is a licensed electrician and my daughter Rebecca, will be graduating from Worcester State University in nursing.

What’s the biggest adventure you’ve ever been on? Tell us about it.

The biggest adventure that I (who is afraid of heights) have ever been on was a hot air balloon ride with my family and mother in-law when she was around 75 years old. It was one of her dreams that she wanted to fulfill. This actually was a very beautiful peaceful adventure that I enjoyed tremendously.

What’s on top of your bucket list? When do you plan to do it?

My bucket list consist of taking and enjoying more vacations with family and friends. As my family was starting, we did a lot of local camping while they were young. I am very excited to be going on a Caribbean vacation with the whole family and some friends this year.

What is the charitable cause that means the most to you, and why?

The charitable causes in my life that I support are the American Diabetes Foundation and The Arthritis Foundation and local charities. Unfortunately both Arthritis and Diabetes have affected my family throughout my life. I hope one day we can stop the pain.