Jack Woods

On work life…

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What’s the very best part of your job and why?

Helping people.  Helping them to protect what they have worked so hard to acquire.  Helping them with advice about their personal or business situations.  The best part of the job is giving people the things that they need to prosper, whether that is the right insurance, or just good information.

What made you want to work at TJ Woods Insurance?

Since I was a little boy, I always said I wanted to be like my Dad and work in the agency. I remember going with him at Christmas time, visiting clients and passing out calendars from the agency. All the people we visited seemed to truly like my Dad – it was a great thing to do during the holidays! And I remember going with my Dad to a client’s building the day after they suffered a bad fire. I saw how these people needed my Dad and how he helped them in this tough situation. That’s what I wanted to do with my life.

Tell us about a time you were able to help someone (at work) in a big way.

We have a client that owns an athletic shoes & apparel store. Some years ago, the building they were in had a bad fire. Their business was destroyed. We were able to work with the insurance company to maximize their claim so that they could find a new location and re-open for business in just a few months. This small, family owned business could have been crushed by this event, but we played a part in keeping them in business. Today, they are tremendously successful and now own their own building. I love this family, and their story!

What’s the best piece of advice you can impart to a prospective insurance customer?

Insurance is important protection, don’t cut corners when you set the policies up. If you do, you’ll find yourself out on a corner, all alone, at the time you need help the most. A good professional agent is there to help you all the time, as your life changes – take advantage of their expertise and their help!

A little more personal…

What’s the very best part of your life and why?

The best part is my wife, Stacy, & 3 children. Sharing my life with Stacy is like a new exciting adventure each day. And watching my kids grow in to wonderful young people fills me with pride and keeps me feeling young!

Where did you go to school, what did you major in? Why did you choose both?

I went to Holy Cross (class of 1989) and majored in History. Holy Cross was where many of my relatives went, and I wanted to go there since I was a little kid. History is my “hobby” and studying it was never work for me. The critical thinking skills that are so important in studying history helps me every day in my work and in my personal life.

Who is your role model and how have they shaped you?

My role models are my Dad and my uncle, Tom Woods who founded the agency. They taught me how to live a meaningful, ethical life. I strive to reach the standards they set for me as a business man and as a family man. Their words of advice and the lessons they taught me are with me every day, even though they are no longer here.

What is the charitable cause that means the most to you, and why?

Pernet Family Health Service, here in Worcester, does amazing things in our community. Their mission is to strengthen families and they work with families in difficult situations – broken families, families struggling economically, families with children that have special needs. Their work transforms these families. Their success stories are truly amazing. I am proud to serve on their board and help them do this amazing work.