Top Fourteen Things To Have In Your Car For Winter

Things To Have In Your Car For Winter - TJ Woods - Worcester, MADuring the Holidays, it seems driving becomes a bigger part of your life than normal. You are driving to see friends and family, go on a vacation, or perhaps a work retreat. Of course, everyone else is doing the same things – while the road crews are doing last minute road work – often making for a messy trip. Last but not least, there is the unpredictable weather: freezing rain, sleet, snow, and the occasional nor’easter make driving quite a hazard during wintertime. In order to protect yourself from the dangers of wintertime driving, there are a number of things you should keep in your car in case of emergency. Whether you get caught in a blizzard or a bad accident, keep these things on hand.

Items to Keep Your Car Moving

There are several items which you should keep in your car to help overcome any car related obstacles you face.

Jumper cables: a reliable pair of jumper cables are a must. Even if you aren’t in a dire circumstance, sometimes your car will need a jump on a particularly cold morning or after a cold day.

A bag of sand: this is a must for getting out of an icy or snowy rut. The added weight will also increase the traction in slippery conditions.

An ice scraper: you will probably use this almost every morning. Get one with a brush to help clear snow off.

Emergency tire sealant: these temporary patches are usually just enough to get you to the next town, which is a lot better than being stuck on the side of the road with a flat.

A small tool kit: at least enough to change tires and fix small issues with your engine.

Things To Protect You If Your Car Gets Stuck

While all these things are of course helping keep you safe indirectly, here are a few things you should have which will directly protect you.

A first aid kit: this should include all the essentials. provides this helpful list of what a good first aid kit should have.

First aid kit knowledge: of course you must know how to use your first aid kit or it will do you no good.

Blankets: if you get trapped in a blizzard, the ability to keep yourself warm is a matter of life and death. In addition to blankets, hand warmers and scarves might be a good idea.

A charged cell phone: this needs a case to protect it from damage sustained during and accident.

Food: try storing dried foods (beef jerky, granola bars, and trail mix) as they’re energy dense. has a good list of foods to keep in your car and in your house.

Others Important Winter Items

In addition to the above categories, here are some general items to include in your winter preparation kit.

A shovel: this is very helpful if you get stuck or need come across an area which has not been plowed yet.

Flares: in a whiteout, flares will help rescuers (or anyone) spot you more quickly.

A wind-up radio: these are good for checking for weather alerts.

Flashlights: the short winter days make this even more important. Although you can get wind-up flashlights it’s better to get a really bright one and make sure you have batteries (and extra batteries).

As you prepare to venture into the cold winter land this season, make sure you are properly prepared. Not only do you need supplies and tools, you need proper insurance on your automobile. Contact TJ Woods Insurance to learn if you have enough coverage for the dangers of winter driving, and for more tips on automobile safety. We offer the full spectrum of insurances from auto, to home, and business insurance.