Packing Tips for Moving

Moving can be a big undertaking. If you’re not prepared, it can come with a lot of potential risk for broken items, frustration, and a longer-than-comfortable stint of living out of boxes. These tips will help you stay protected and worry-free.

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  • Moving is a good opportunity to get rid of the stuff you don’t need. You don’t want to waste time, effort, or money moving those items. Go through all items and then categorize as “sell”, “donate”, or “throw away.”
    • Sell valuables online for best prices.
    • Arrange to donate the other unwanted items to charity. You can arrange for large items to be picked up at your curb.
  • Change your address two weeks in advance.
  • Go to the new house or apartment early to clean the floors while you have the space – especially in the kitchen and bathroom. That way, you won’t have stuff to shuffle around.


  • Remember: Don’t pack up your essentials! Start with the stuff you use the least.
  • Before packing, take pictures of things that will be difficult to reassemble, like cord configurations for electronics.
  • Clean your stuff before you pack. Don’t bring old dirt and dust to your new house.
  • Put heavier items at the bottom of boxes.
  • In the last phase of packing, use clear bins for the things you’ll need to access first (like a box cutter, utensils, phone chargers, and toilet paper.)

Have a System

  • Pack by room! That way, you won’t need to sift through everything and be transporting things from room to room.
  • Label all four sides, not the top. You won’t have to shift things around to read them.
  • You can color code boxes and color label the door of each room to help movers.
  • If you’re very detailed, you can number each box, and create a corresponding list with each box’s number and contents.

Save Money on Packing Equipment

  • Use all the hampers, baskets, suitcases, etc. you have for packing. Don’t use a million tiny containers if it means a lot more trips.
  • Use cardboard beer boxes from your local liquor store. They’re great for moving because they have handles.
  • Ask around your neighborhood and people you know for gently used moving boxes.
  • Use clothing, towels, and sheets instead of bubble wrap on your valuables.
  • Put your clean socks inside valuables like glasses and vases.
  • Plastic bags also work to pack empty space in boxes.

Save Time on Packing

  • Print labels on your computer instead of handwriting.
  • If you’re moving something with drawers, don’t unpack them. Use tape to keep the drawers securely shut.
  • If you have a closet full of clothes on hangers, put a large trash bag around the bottom of a large section of clothes, and secure around the top.

Night Before

  • Set up the shower area in your new home – you’ll want to take a shower after a long day of physical activity. Remember the shower curtain!
  • Have an overnight bag with all your valuables, like your laptop.
  • Have a binder of all the moving information you need.

These steps will help you protect your belongings and avoid frustration. If you hire professional movers, make sure you’re familiar with their policies and verify that they have insurance. If you need more information about renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, located in Worcester, MA, would be happy to help. Contact us today.