Tips for Better Gas Mileage in the Summer

Tips for Better Gas Mileage in the SummerNo matter what kind of car you drive, you can still get better gas mileage than you do now. Luckily, there are many ways to stay cool this summer and still save money on gas. Below are some tips that can keep the heat of the summer from burning a hole in your pocket.

Air Conditioning and Windows

Knowing when to use the air conditioner or rolling the windows down can do wonders for better gas mileage in the summer months.

  • Higher speeds: It’s best to use your air conditioning when traveling at highway speeds, usually above 50 mph—keep those windows up. Driving with windows down on the highway will increase drag, lowering your fuel economy.
  • Slower speeds: Roll down the windows at slower speeds before turning the AC on. Wind resistance has less of an effect when your car is travelling at slower speeds.
  • Running the Engine While in Park: Don’t idle your car with the AC on. It’s best to drive around for a couple minutes before turning the AC on because it helps the AC to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Moderate the AC: If you can, try not to max out the air conditioning. Depending on your vehicle model, running the air conditioning at maximum cooling will have the same effect on gas mileage at highway speeds as driving at on the highway with your windows down. Keeping the AC at medium will decrease the load on your engine, getting you better fuel economy by using the compressor less.

Clean Out Your Car

Your car has enough to move around on its own – The least you could do is get all the junk out of your trunk and backseat! Saving gas can be as easy as cleaning out your car. Plus, you’ve probably been meaning to do that for a while anyway, right?

Check Your Tires

Don’t forget your tire pressure. As the days get warmer, your tire pressure can change dramatically. Make sure that your car’s tires are still at the level they should be to be the most efficient. Having flat or rock-hard tires can take a toll on your gas mileage.

Keep Calm

You know that driving erratically is an unsafe way to drive, but did you know it can also negatively affect your gas mileage? When your car is accelerating and breaking often, your engine has to work harder to keep up, meaning your car will use more fuel. Remember to use cruise control if you can and coast before braking. The more relaxed you are driving, the better your mileage will be.

Many cars now have a gas mileage gauge that will tell you what your real time gas mileage is and what your average gas mileage is. Keeping those numbers as high as possible will do wonders for saving in the long term.

Saving on fuel is not the only way to save when owning a car. Getting the right policy can save you money and peace of mind.  Make sure to contact one of our experts at TJ Woods for all of your questions regarding auto insurance and other policies. We are always happy to help!