What Insurance Does a Brewery Need?

Breweries have been flourishing in Massachusetts, with 26 new businesses being established in 2018 and a total of 178 across the commonwealth. All of these businesses require specific insurance coverages to insure they’re protected from potential disaster. In fact, they tend to demand more than the average business due to the number of risks involved in the production of alcohol. If you’re looking to join the flourishing brewing industry, we’ve provided a list of recommended coverages that will get you started in the right direction. [Read more…]

Why Welders Business Insurance Will Protect Your Company

Essential Insurance Policies for your Welding Business As a welding specialist, you spend the day using flame-cutting equipment to bring together parts of metal. Needless to say, you work in a high-risk environment. Any problems or injuries that arise from this line of work can result in serious consequences for your business. Determining the best welders business insurance policies for you and your staff will ensure your business is protected from claims and financial damage. [Read more…]

Types of Insurance Every Tech Startup Needs

Types of Insurance Every Tech Startup NeedsWhen launching your tech startup, make sure that you have covered all the basics. This means more than just stocking the break room with awesome snacks and game tables. It also means ensuring that your company doesn’t suddenly get hit with crippling costs. Ensuring that you have what you need to weather future storms will be vital to the survival of your company, so you can keep doing what you love to do. [Read more…]

New Job? What You Need To Know Before You Accept

New Job What You Need To Know Before You AcceptWhen your new employer asks you if you have any questions, do not say no. Whether you’re at the negotiating table with your new employer or taking a tour of the facility, you need to arm yourself with a multitude of questions to protect yourself from any form of negligence. There are certain precautions that need to be taken when it comes to certain aspects of a new job. A clear majority of people enter their new jobs and go on to have successful careers without any complications. However, that is certainly not the case for everybody. Although unlikely, many people don’t consider these in-depth questions during the hiring process and later reap the detriments of their unfamiliarity. To better prepare yourself, here are questions to ask and what to be mindful of when starting a new job.  [Read more…]

Lifting Safety Practices and Workers’ Comp Insurance

Man places package on hand truck.Regardless of the industry you work in, everybody does a little lifting. You’ve probably gotten the sage advice to “lift with the legs, not the back”. However, in workplaces where lifting is commonplace, from retail inventorying to contractor construction, having the right measures in place can help avoid workplace accidents and injuries, and therefore help keep your workforce healthy and your workers’ compensation premiums low. It’s important to understand how these injuries occur, as well as the lifting safety practices you can provide to reduce the rate of injury. [Read more…]

Founding a Business: Insurances You Need

Founding a Business, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Worcester, MAStarting up a business is both an exhilarating and harrowing experience as you turn what has been months and years of preparation, saving, and dreaming into a reality. No one knows better than you how fragile a business is in its infancy, and soon you hope to discover the gaps that are created as your business expands. Founding a business takes a ton of time and effort from yourself and those who support you, make sure to protect your investment so it can become the business you dreamed of. [Read more…]