Workers’ Compensation and its Benefits

Even when every reasonable safety measure has been taken, workplace accidents happen. If, as an employee, you are injured on the job, you may be entitled to certain benefits through your company. All employers operating in Massachusetts, excluding members of a limited liability company (LLC) and partners of a limited liability partnership (LLP), are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance regardless of how many hours are worked per week.

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Lifting Safety Practices and Workers’ Comp Insurance

Man places package on hand truck.Regardless of the industry you work in, everybody does a little lifting. You’ve probably gotten the sage advice to “lift with the legs, not the back”. However, in workplaces where lifting is commonplace, from retail inventorying to contractor construction, having the right measures in place can help avoid workplace accidents and injuries, and therefore help keep your workforce healthy and your workers’ compensation premiums low. It’s important to understand how these injuries occur, as well as the lifting safety practices you can provide to reduce the rate of injury. [Read more…]

Employer and Employees: Workers Compensation

workers compensation, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester, MALife is uncertain: nowhere is this clearer than the workplace. Regardless of your industry or location, employees will get injured while on the clock. Just as it is the responsibility of the employer to provide the safest work environment they can, it’s also their responsibility for your workers should they get injured in the line of duty. This is why Workers Compensation Insurance exists and why United States’ federal and state law requires employers to carry it. [Read more…]