Self-Driving Cars: The Future of the Road

Autonomous Driving warning sign.Taking a nap while still driving? While currently a sign of negligence and almost certain accidents, with a self-driving car catching some shut-key while in the driver’s seat could be possible. The more interesting part is that self-operating cars are much closer to becoming a reality than most people realize. With Google and other companies working to change the car industry and over 10 million self-driving cars expected to be on the road before 2020, it could be a perfect time to do a little research before you purchase your next vehicle. [Read more…]

The Internet of Things: How Smart Homes Work

Did you leave the iron on? The smart home attempts to answer this question and questions like it, bringing automation into your home to help you keep track of everything. While “smart” homes used to rely on silly gimmicks (remember the Clapper?), new technology is not only cheaper, but also more interconnected as this business starts to boom. Sales of these automation systems could grow to around $9.5 billion by the end of 2015 (Berg Insight) and by 2017, it could explode to $44 billion (CNN). Instead of having to buy the same brand for everything in your home to be smart, companies—even big companies—are making their products on standard protocols, designed to be controlled by devices you already have. [Read more…]