Spring Cleaning: What Not to Store in Your Garage

A cluttered garage with packed storage shelves, a bicycle, a ladder, and a load of other equipment.Looking to declutter your garage this spring? For many, a garage can quickly turn into a catchall for storage. While this may be fine for some items, some things don’t fare well when tucked away in the corners of your garage. Lack of insulation and fluctuating temperatures, additional exposure to the elements, and ease of access can lead to damaged property or hazardous circumstances for loved ones. If you’re looking to reorganize some of your belongings this spring, make sure you understand what not to store in your garage. [Read more…]

Tips for Preventing Spring Flooding and Water Damage

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Spring is finally here! While this is so exciting, there are also some dangers that come with springtime. One of the major risks is spring flooding from rapid snowmelt. We also have to worry about the never-ending rain that seems to come with early spring. Here are some tips to follow to prevent damages from spring flooding to affecting your house.

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5 Homeowner’s Tips for Spring Cleaning Maintenance

5 Homeowner’s Tips for Spring Cleaning MaintenanceIt’s that time of the year when sweatshirts turn to t-shirts, snow turns to rich, green grass, and—of course—you begin your spring cleaning. It’s also that time of the year to inspect your home for any damage it took during the winter months. Go get a head start on your spring cleaning to prevent any future complications. Don’t forget to check off the following five things on your spring cleaning to-do list. [Read more…]

Spring Cleaning: Inspecting Your Home

Magnifying glass examining house.Time to get back into gear now that spring is finally here! What better way to begin than with some spring cleaning to refresh your home and get rid of those cold winter vibes. Spring cleaning has been a tradition in some form for many years, yet some homeowners neglect to take the necessary measures to ensure their home is not only clean, but also sound and sturdy. A quick home inspection done by yourself or a professional should be conducted every year to make sure that your home is still in good condition after the cold winter season. Here are some key inspection points and “red flags” to look for. [Read more…]