What Qualifies as a Motorhome or an RV?

What Qualifies as a Motorhome or an RV?When planning your summer vacation, you may be considering a motorhome or an RV as a fun and exciting way to travel. It’s important to be aware of the differences between a Motorhome or an RV before making a purchase. Below, we offer more insight on which recreational vehicle is right for you depending on your travel needs. [Read more…]

Know Your Coverage When It Comes to Mobile Home and RV Insurance

WKnow Your Coverage When It Comes to Mobile Home and RV Insurancehether you own, lease, or rent a recreational vehicle (RV), it may be smart to hitch on some RV insurance. Some people believe their own auto insurance policy covers their RV, but this is not the case. Motor Home and RV insurances are specialized terms and coverage options that resemble a combination of car insurance, home or renter’s insurance, and travel insurance all rolled into one. [Read more…]

5 Tips to Avoid an RV Insurance Claim

RV’s and other recreational vehicles bring about their own set of driving challenges. They’re size makes them a challenging vehicle to control, making RV insurance a must.

[Read more…]

5 Important Tips for RV Insurance

With the summer season in full swing, many families are hitting the roads in their Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) for some quality vacation time.  [Read more…]