When Should You Start Estate Planning?

When Should You Start Estate Planning?No one looks forward to planning for death, but it is an inevitability that must be prepared for. While everyone wishes to live long lives, at one point you will be leaving your family and belongings behind. When you pass, what happens to your family or the valuables that you’ve collected over your lifetime? At some point, it is important to consult with an expert estate planner to ensure that belongings are sorted, and loved-ones are taken care of. But, at what age should you start estate planning? [Read more…]

When Should I Start Thinking About Estate Planning?

The answer to this question of course varies from person to person, but the rule of thumb is that once you have entered into a union with another person, you should begin some form of estate planning. [Read more…]

Why You Should Create a Will: Estate Planning Series Part 2

Why do you need to create a will? A will gives you control over who will receive your assets when your time comes.   [Read more…]