What Happens to Homeowners Insurance When You Move?

Hand truck with cardboard box as home isolated on white. Moving house concept.

When you start thinking above moving out of your current home, the insurance you’ve invested in the current property is probably the furthest thing from your mind. As you start settling on a new property and work through the negotiations and specifics, it’s time to think about it. A question we commonly get from homeowners is what happens to their homeowners’ insurance when they move. Can I take it with me to the new property? What would a new policy look like? What should I do with the old policy, and when should I cancel? Let’s look at all sides of this issue.

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Packing Tips for Moving

Moving can be a big undertaking. If you’re not prepared, it can come with a lot of potential risk for broken items, frustration, and a longer-than-comfortable stint of living out of boxes. These tips will help you stay protected and worry-free. [Read more…]