Things to Consider Before Buying an Old House

Old, gray house surrounded by treesNew homes are expensive, and older houses exude character. A home that has weathered the decades contains history within its walls – something a new house can’t hope to provide. But while an older home’s structure and interior may look sound, there are a few dealbreakers that could be hidden from plain sight. Before you pull the trigger, there are some dangerous and financial drawbacks to consider before buying an old house. [Read more…]

Tips to Preventing and Removing Mold

Black mold in the corner of room wallDid you know that mold could be damaging to your health and home? Mold is a fungus that needs two key things to develop and grow: moisture and a source of food. Moisture can come from the apparent source, water but also can come from high air humidity, neglected roofs, broken air conditioners and drainage problems. Sources of food for the mold can be drywall, carpets, or even your own mattress.  Mold has simple requirements in order to survive and thrive. Preventing and removing mold is a simpler task than it sounds. [Read more…]