What to Know Before Joining the Tiny-House Movement

A small wooden house in the woodens with a stone path leading to the entrance, meant to signify the tiny-house movementYou’ve likely read about the tiny-house movement in an article or caught wind of the trend on Netflix’s Tiny House Nation. For small families or those looking to sell to take advantage of the blistering housing market, moving into a tiny home temporarily or permanently can sound alluring. The costs are minuscule, and unlike renting, you have complete authority over the interior and exterior remodeling. However, it can also be frightening to imagine the downsizing requirements of tiny-home living. Let’s discuss what you should know before jumping aboard the tiny-house movement. [Read more…]

Know Your Coverage When It Comes to Mobile Home and RV Insurance

WKnow Your Coverage When It Comes to Mobile Home and RV Insurancehether you own, lease, or rent a recreational vehicle (RV), it may be smart to hitch on some RV insurance. Some people believe their own auto insurance policy covers their RV, but this is not the case. Motor Home and RV insurances are specialized terms and coverage options that resemble a combination of car insurance, home or renter’s insurance, and travel insurance all rolled into one. [Read more…]