Questions to Ask When Looking to Purchase Long-Term Care

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As you or a loved one transition into your elder years, you may need more help with daily living than in the past. If you require assistance with tasks like cooking, administering medication, or other everyday activities, you may need long-term care. There are many aspects of the coverage to inquire about, and many people don’t know where to start. Allow us to clear some of that up.

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Does Medicaid Cover Long-Term Care Costs?

Does Medicaid Cover Long-Term Care Costs?Preparing for old age may seem like a dismal task, but it is an inevitability that we all must prepare for. When you’ve reached your senior years and you start requiring assistance for performing simple everyday tasks, then you should start looking into long-term care insurance. Without some type of policy, long-term care is expensive, and can even threaten your life savings. Fortunately, if you are eligible, Medicaid can help cover the costs of some long-term care. To better prepare for the future, it is important to understand long-term care and what types of care Medicaid will cover.   [Read more…]