Claims Professional of the Year Awarded to Cheryl Strzelewicz

Claims Professional of the Year Awarded to Cheryl StrzelewiczWe, at TJ Woods Insurance Agency, would like to recognize and congratulate one of our own, Cheryl Strzelewicz, for receiving the Claims Professional of the Year award. [Read more…]

Differences Between Motorcycle and Car Insurance

X  Motorcycle and Car Insurance, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Worcester, MAThere are some major differences on how we handle motorcycles and cars, and not just for the riders. Driver licenses, regulations, even the motor oil is different. One other major differences is how insurance is handled for a motorcycle, particularly in a no-fault state like Massachusetts. If you’re interested in getting a motorcycle, you should know about the differences between their insurances coverage, and not only the cost. [Read more…]

5 Tips to Avoid an RV Insurance Claim

RV’s and other recreational vehicles bring about their own set of driving challenges. They’re size makes them a challenging vehicle to control, making RV insurance a must.

[Read more…]