6 Common Homeowners Insurance Exclusions

A house and garage situated near a lake that has been flooded, which is a common exclusion of homeowners insuranceHomeowners insurance policies are designed to cover a broad spectrum of risks, from damage to the house to the liability of those within. Nevertheless, like most industries, insurance providers set a limit to what their policy covers to preserve their business. These boundaries are set by the exclusions of the policy. To save yourself from heartache the line, it’s critical to understand some of the common homeowners insurance exclusions, as there are actions you can take to offset the damages. [Read more…]

5 Homeowner’s Tips for Spring Cleaning Maintenance

5 Homeowner’s Tips for Spring Cleaning MaintenanceIt’s that time of the year when sweatshirts turn to t-shirts, snow turns to rich, green grass, and—of course—you begin your spring cleaning. It’s also that time of the year to inspect your home for any damage it took during the winter months. Go get a head start on your spring cleaning to prevent any future complications. Don’t forget to check off the following five things on your spring cleaning to-do list. [Read more…]