Protecting Your Pool During the Off-Season

The summer is ending, which mean the cold months ahead are right on our doorsteps. The winter can be harsh on everything, and unfortunately, your pool is no exception, bringing conditions that can severely damage it. Luckily, homeowners and liability insurance will cover these extremities. However, there are several precautionary steps you can take to prepare your pool beforehand. Be sure to learn as much as you can so your pool is ready to face the winter.

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Why Welders Business Insurance Will Protect Your Company

Essential Insurance Policies for your Welding Business As a welding specialist, you spend the day using flame-cutting equipment to bring together parts of metal. Needless to say, you work in a high-risk environment. Any problems or injuries that arise from this line of work can result in serious consequences for your business. Determining the best welders business insurance policies for you and your staff will ensure your business is protected from claims and financial damage. [Read more…]

Renting Your First Home? Consider Renter’s Insurance

Renting Your First Home? Consider Renter’s Insurance According to CNBC, more people are renting now than at any other point in the past 50 years. In 2016, 36.6% of household heads rent their home. The rise in renting instead of home ownership comes from an increase in home prices, not enough for a down payment, owning a home inhibits moving, and large student loan debt. If renting your first home is a better option for you, you still have personal property that needs to be protected from fires, burglaries, or even lawsuits. That’s why homeowners get homeowners insurance, and renters, like you, should consider renter’s insurance. [Read more…]