How a Swimming Pool Affects Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Getting a swimming pool installed on your property can be an exciting experience. While everyone dreams of having a pool in their backyard, not many residents are aware of how a swimming pool will affect their homeowner’s insurance. If you’ve been debating on installing a pool for quite some time, the first detail you need to assess for a stress-free installation is how this will affect your policy. Below, we have provided some insights on how your homeowner’s insurance premiums could increase with the new addition to your property. [Read more…]

Wrongful Termination and How To Protect Yourself

Wrongful Termination and How To Protect YourselfIt is extremely important for a business owner to respect their employees and their working environment at a professional establishment. One of the most important situations to be cautious around is the discharge of an employee. If you do not follow the rules and regulations set in place by the government and the state—you could be looking at a serious claim. If you have been laid off or fired recently and believe you have been discharged for an unlawful reason, you do have the right to bring a claim for wrongful termination against your former employer. [Read more…]

Umbrella Insurance: Why You Need Extra Coverage

Umbrella Insurance: Why You Need Extra Coverage Protecting your family and your investments is your number one priority. What happens when you’re involved in an accident and your insurance is simply not enough to cover the damages and other costs? This is why at TJ Woods, we understand that situations like this do happen. We offer an insurance policy, called umbrella insurance, that provides protection to your standard homeowner, auto, or boat insurance to take care of extra expenses and provide you the coverage you need. [Read more…]

Insurance Basics: What Exactly is Liability Insurance?

WInsurance Basics: What Exactly is Liability Insurance?hat exactly is liability insurance? Well, it is any insurance policy that protects an individual or business from the risk that they may be sued and held legally liable for something such as malpractice, injury, or negligence. Continue reading to learn the basics of what this type of insurance entails.

[Read more…]

The Basics of Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors & officers insurance, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Worcester, MAWhen a company gets big enough, it’s oversight must be managed by key employees known as directors and/or officers. From the Chief Executive Officer to a Board of Directors, these key people make decisions and set policy that can have dramatic effects on the company, its employees, its beneficiaries, and the public. Since these changes can result in changes to the company’s image, profitability, and employment, these directors and officers have a lot of liability leveled directly at them. When your managers have the looming threat of lawsuits leveled by internal and outside interests, it’s important to have them protected. [Read more…]

How to Recover From Business Identity Theft

If your business has become the victim of business identity theft, you need to take immediate action. If you suspect your business has had its identity compromised you should still act immediately to safeguard your assets and determine if you are, in fact, the victim of business identity theft. Criminals who have stolen your business’ identity know that these breeches are usually discovered quickly, so they try to gain as much profit as possible before their scam gets shut down. [Read more…]