Steps to Insuring Your Valentine’s Day Gift

Calendar with Valentine's Day circled and diamond ring in gift box on topValentines’ Day is a time to celebrate your love with that someone special. A great way of showing your affection is to gift your significant other a dazzling and expensive piece of jewelry or – if the time is right – engagement ring. But with a pricey, polished gift comes the responsibility of keeping it safe and secure. To save yourself and your loved one the added financial heartache if that gift gets damaged or disappears, look into insuring your Valentine’s Day gift. [Read more…]

The 3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Jewelry

Precious jewelry of rings and bracelets. Jewelry, it is everyone’s favorite topic. From watches to rings, everyone has a favorite piece that they cannot live without. The right touch can turn any outfit into a stylish, upbeat look. The unfortunate factor is that you are not the only one who thinks that that your jewelry is awesome. Hundreds of people each year are victims to jewelry theft and with only a 4% recovery rate according to Statista, it’s important to learn on how to protect your beloved items. By following these three easy steps, you can keep rocking your jewelry without any fears.  [Read more…]

Why You Should Insure Your Jewelry using Inland Marine Insurance

We know how it goes- Valentine’s Day is over and every time you look in the mirror you can’t stop smiling as that beautiful diamond necklace glimmers in the reflection. [Read more…]