Know Your Coverage When It Comes to Mobile Home and RV Insurance

WKnow Your Coverage When It Comes to Mobile Home and RV Insurancehether you own, lease, or rent a recreational vehicle (RV), it may be smart to hitch on some RV insurance. Some people believe their own auto insurance policy covers their RV, but this is not the case. Motor Home and RV insurances are specialized terms and coverage options that resemble a combination of car insurance, home or renter’s insurance, and travel insurance all rolled into one. [Read more…]

Is Fiduciary Liability Insurance Right For Your Business?

Fiduciary Liability Insurance - TJ Woods Insurance - Worcester, MAThere are many times when you need someone who will represent you on your behalf. Say you have an investment account in which you are placing your retirement money. You have empowered a stock broker to have access to your money with the idea of increasing your wealth through investment. You are trusting this stock broker to act on your behalf and to your advantage. You would certainly want that person to be making smart decisions for you—after all that is what you are paying them for.

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Why You Want Loss Assessment Coverage

If you live in a condo it is likely that you have a homeowners association (HOA) as an insurance policy which will cover things that happen in the common areas (areas outside of your personal unit). If so, they why would you need loss assessment coverage? There are times when you will need it and actually when you will be thrilled to have loss assessment coverage.

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What is Boiler and Machinery Insurance?

Even if you own a 9-5 business, and your hand working employees have gone home for the day, you still have workers laboring all night for you. They aren’t second or third shift crews; rather, they are machines: your heating and air conditioning systems, your boiler, and many other systems are still faithfully doing their job. Just as you need insurance to cover your hourly workers, you need insurance for these important mechanical workers. Without it, a frozen pipe or a leaking valve could result in thousands of dollars of damage. This is what boiler and machinery insurance is designed to protect against.

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How Insurance Premiums are Calculated: Moving

Whether it’s a new place in the same city, or a new city on the other side of the country, you might be surprised how a move can affect your car insurance. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t changed cars or had any brushes with the law, the simple act of relocation can cause the premiums on your car to go up or down. But why? Calculating the price of insurance uses many factors you may not think matter, but that have statistical changes on the chance of getting into an accident.

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Covered With Holes: What is an Insurance Rider & Why You May Need One

What is an Insurance Rider?

What is an Insurance Rider, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Worcester, MAInsurance riders are additional insurances that a policyholder may purchase beyond their standard insurance agreement. While you may think that you are fully-insured by a general insurance policy, some buyers may find that there are additional coverages they need to fit their service goals. Riders allow policyholders to develop an insurance plan beyond the one-size-fits-all models that fits their individual needs. [Read more…]