Insurance to Have for Your Recreational Sporting Vehicle

A closeup of the side of an ATV parked in the middle of a forestBeing in quarantine has left many yearning for the outdoors. As a result, people are taking advantage of these warm summer months to hit the golf course or explore the wilderness. While these activities can be fun on their own, having the assistance of a sporting vehicle – such as a golf cart or ATV – can enhance the experience. However, if you’re thinking of investing in one of these machines, it’s important to first learn about the insurance to have for your recreational sporting vehicle. [Read more…]

Homeowner’s Insurance: Tips on Itemizing Your Coverage

Homeowner’s Insurance: Tips on Itemizing Your CoverageWhether you have been a homeowner for 30 years or you just purchased your first home, homeowner’s insurance is a must for the safety of you and your family. You cannot predict the future of what kind of perils or unforeseen circumstances lie ahead. It’s extremely important to be sure that personal belongings are properly insured if an accident were to happen. Here are some helpful tips on itemizing your coverage so you are getting the most out of your homeowner’s insurance policy. [Read more…]

Home Insurance Basics: Endorsements and Itemizing Your Coverage

Home Insurance Basics, Itemizing Coverage, Worcester, Woods InsuranceIn property and casualty insurance, an endorsement is an amendment to your policy that specifies your coverage under certain circumstances or for itemized valuables. Some elective endorsements include things like jewelry, antiques, or other itemized household objects. Learning about what options are available to you is an important part of home insurance basics. While it may be time consuming to determine what is eligible for itemized coverage, it is beneficial in the long run if any loss was to happen. [Read more…]