Insurance Claims: What is Proof of Ownership

Two receipts held with a binding clip on a wooden seruface meant to portray proof of ownershipUnfortunately, sometimes your word isn’t enough. If you ever need to make a homeowners or renters insurance claim, you’re likely to be asked for proof of ownership of the affected assets. You’ll require some documentation of your lost or damaged belonging so you can be properly compensated. However, what constitutes proof of ownership, and more importantly, what happens when you’re unable to provide evidence of ownership? Let’s review what proof of ownership is and why it’s important when making an insurance claim. [Read more…]

Tips for Preventing Water Damage from a Leaking Refrigerator

A man checking the door of a refrigerator to determine the cause of a leakIt doesn’t take long for a burst pipe to cause severe damage to your home. However, gushing water isn’t the only cause of water damage; oftentimes, a little drip can result in a big problem. A common culprit of slow, progress leaks is one of the most essential appliances in your home: the refrigerator. Since your fridge fulfills a variety of complex functions, it’s not out of the ordinary for a leak to occur and gradually cause water damage. Luckily, you don’t necessarily require a repairman when it comes to preventing water damage from a leaking refrigerator. [Read more…]

7 Simple Steps to Reporting a Homeowners Insurance Claim

An oak tree damaging the roof of a house, indicating the need to report a homeowners insurance claimMany unfortunate events can damage your home: a burglary, a violent hurricane, or a cooking accident. To receive the help you need from your homeowners insurance, you must follow a set of rules and procedures that were outlined in the contract between you and the insurer. It’s important to read the details of your policy to determine your responsibilities, but to get you started, we’ve provided some simple steps to reporting a homeowners insurance claim. [Read more…]