The Home Inspection and Homeowners Insurance Relationship

A home inspector in a white hardhat inspects the exterior windows of a home.Your homeowner’s insurance is there to protect your home and the things and people inside it. So, what happens if there’s a risk that no one knows about? This is why it’s always recommended before buying a home to have a home inspection performed, and why certain insurance providers might ask for a home inspection to be performed as part of the insurance process. Today we’re going to look at the home inspection and homeowners insurance and how the two work together. [Read more…]

What Do I Do After a Car Accident?

A car accident is an unnerving situation that unfortunately happens to most people at least once in their lifetime. If you happen to get into a car accident in the future, it is important that you are prepared to handle the situation properly. If you’re asking yourself “What do I do after a car accident?”, then make note of the following procedures.  [Read more…]

A Guide to Determining Who is at Fault in a Car Accident

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Top 10 Things to Have in Your Car

It is possible that your car could break down at any point, and if it does, there are ten main things to have in your car that will help you should this occur. [Read more…]

First Timers: Tips for Buying a Car for the First Time

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Life Insurance — Misconceptions Revealed

The mere mention of the words life insurance brings up many opinions depending on who you speak to. [Read more…]