Is Chimney Damage Covered by Your Home Insurance?

Is Chimney Damage Covered by Your Home Insurance?For many, October signals the full swing of autumn with chilly nights and shorter days. If you own a fireplace, this means it’s finally time to start your first fire of the season. Before you light that match, it’s important to get a proper inspection. This inspection involves assessing any chimney damage and chimney sweeping. Make sure you’re prepared for cold nights by your warm and safe fire with these steps. [Read more…]

Guide to Homeowner’s Insurance for First Time Buyers

Guide to Homeowner’s Insurance for First Time BuyersCongratulations, you’ve officially bought your first house! Now you must be wondering what comes next—how about insuring your beautiful new home? Being one of your most valuable personal possessions, your home is a very important place and protecting it is crucial. Without homeowner’s insurance, if something was to happen to your house that causes considerable damage—you could be in trouble because of the costs. With insurance, you can mitigate some of these costs and it can help you save large sums of money in the long run. Getting your home insured is in your best interest and is one of the first purchases you should make along with your home. [Read more…]

How Additional Landscaping Can Affect Your Insurance

How Additional Landscaping Can Affect Your InsuranceEveryone’s dream is to have a yard full of beautiful landscaping for their entire community to see and enjoy every day. But have you ever thought of insuring your landscaping? Most homeowner’s insurance policies have limited and basic coverage for your additional landscaping projects. Many companies will limit the amount they are willing to spend on the landscaping efforts and the risks that arise. If you want to protect your beautiful yard, you should consider investing in the right policy after new landscaping projects. [Read more…]

Essential Homeowners Insurance Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing your home should be a top priority if you live in New England. Keep your home safe – and reduce the risk of insurance losses – during the colder months by practicing thorough fall home maintenance. [Read more…]

Things to Do Before Buying Your First House

These days, more than ever, homebuyers are extremely cautious when it comes to purchasing their first house. In this unstable economy, people are waiting longer and longer to buy their first home because it can be considered a risky purchase. Before anyone purchases a home, they must first ensure that their finances are in order and be aware of home buying tactics. [Read more…]