Does My Home Have Insurance Coverage for a Trampoline?

Young kids jump on netted in trampoline outdoors on sunny day.With the school year winding down and the temperatures warming up here in New England, kids can be found playing outside more often as we approach the summer season. One backyard feature that can add to their seasonal fun is a trampoline—what kid doesn’t love bouncing around on one? But of course, this fun isn’t immune to dangers and risks. If you’re considering getting one for your property, you’ll need to make sure you’re protected financially if anything goes wrong. So, does your existing policy already include insurance coverage for a trampoline?  [Read more…]

When and Why You Need to Replace Your Roof

Four roofers on top of house replacing residential roof.As a homeowner, when it comes to the roof over your head, you can’t take any chances. A roof is critical to the structure of a house. Not only does it act as a shield against the elements—like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures—but it also keeps moisture out, preventing the growth of mold and other potentially dangerous substances. Today we’re going to discuss when and why you need to replace your roof.  [Read more…]

Home Improvement Projects: DIY or Hire the Pros?

Homeowner installing tiles on wall as DIY home improvement project. If you’re like many American homeowners who found themselves stuck at home for a couple of years during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, you may have used the time to tackle some renovation projects around the house. Sprucing up your living space can give it a new look and feel—and it might even increase the home’s value. But when it comes to these home improvement projects, not all are created equal. There are some things you can DIY (Do it Yourself) and others that are best left to the professionals.   [Read more…]

6 Questions to Ask Your Realtor Before Buying a Home

realtor speaks with couple buying a home outside of housePurchasing a home can be a stressful experience. There’s so much to consider: from location to budget to size and more, it’s a very involved process. And when you’re investing this much money and time, it’s important to do your research and have the resources needed to make an informed purchasing decision—you certainly don’t want to leave anything to chance! Luckily, the realtor you work with can be a great source of knowledge along the way. To help aid in a smooth home buying experience, here are six of the most worthwhile questions to ask your realtor before the sale goes through. [Read more…]

Is My Storage Unit Insured by My Homeowners Policy?

Person unlocking padlock on their self-storage unit.Stuff. And lots of it. Modern-day Americans often have more stuff than they know what to do with. Enter: storage units—a place to keep all the extra stuff you don’t have space (or a need) for in your everyday living space. From holiday decorations to unused furniture, sentimental keepsakes to seasonal wardrobes, and family heirlooms to collector’s items, storage lockers can be useful in a variety of ways. But just like your house, office, or car, storage units are exposed to risks that can damage or destroy your possessions. While they’re tucked away and out of sight, how do you protect your belongings? Is your storage unit insured?   [Read more…]

How to Lower Your Utility Bills

Different utility bills spread across table while person with calculator figures the cost.With many Americans feeling the effects of high inflation, there’s no doubt that families across the nation are looking for ways to save money where they can. A common spending area they look at? Home utilities. Especially here in New England where the cold and dark winter season demands we turn up the thermostats and use more lighting, homeowners see those increases reflected in their monthly bills. Luckily, there are ways to cut back on energy usage, and therefore, costs. Let’s review ways you can lower your utility bills. [Read more…]