Insurance Claims: What is Proof of Ownership

Two receipts held with a binding clip on a wooden seruface meant to portray proof of ownershipUnfortunately, sometimes your word isn’t enough. If you ever need to make a homeowners or renters insurance claim, you’re likely to be asked for proof of ownership of the affected assets. You’ll require some documentation of your lost or damaged belonging so you can be properly compensated. However, what constitutes proof of ownership, and more importantly, what happens when you’re unable to provide evidence of ownership? Let’s review what proof of ownership is and why it’s important when making an insurance claim. [Read more…]

Steps to Insuring Your Valentine’s Day Gift

Calendar with Valentine's Day circled and diamond ring in gift box on topValentines’ Day is a time to celebrate your love with that someone special. A great way of showing your affection is to gift your significant other a dazzling and expensive piece of jewelry or – if the time is right – engagement ring. But with a pricey, polished gift comes the responsibility of keeping it safe and secure. To save yourself and your loved one the added financial heartache if that gift gets damaged or disappears, look into insuring your Valentine’s Day gift. [Read more…]

How to Write a Home Inventory List

Homeowners (and even those who are renting) are encouraged to have a home inventory list in the case of home damage, such as a fire or a burglary. [Read more…]