Do You Need a Home Inventory?

Owning your first home is a huge step in your life and it’s all very exciting. In the midst of all the excitement, you need to purchase home insurance. That’s a given, but do you know what else you should do next? If you don’t, you should keep reading to find out why home inventories are crucial to have. Home inventories offer better coverage and guarantee you a faster recovery process, which is why it plays a critical part in owning a home.

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Home Insurance Basics: Endorsements and Itemizing Your Coverage

Home Insurance Basics, Itemizing Coverage, Worcester, Woods InsuranceIn property and casualty insurance, an endorsement is an amendment to your policy that specifies your coverage under certain circumstances or for itemized valuables. Some elective endorsements include things like jewelry, antiques, or other itemized household objects. Learning about what options are available to you is an important part of home insurance basics. While it may be time consuming to determine what is eligible for itemized coverage, it is beneficial in the long run if any loss was to happen. [Read more…]

How to Write a Home Inventory List

Homeowners (and even those who are renting) are encouraged to have a home inventory list in the case of home damage, such as a fire or a burglary. [Read more…]