Do You Need a Home Inventory?

Owning your first home is a huge step in your life and it’s all very exciting. In the midst of all the excitement, you need to purchase home insurance. That’s a given, but do you know what else you should do next? If you don’t, you should keep reading to find out why home inventories are crucial to have. Home inventories offer better coverage and guarantee you a faster recovery process, which is why it plays a critical part in owning a home.

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Preventing Dryer Fires in Your Home

Fire on the roof of a homeThere are many possible causes of a house fire, from leaving a candle burning unattended to forgetting the oven is on when you leave the house. One of the most overlooked causes though is your clothes dryer. Dryers cause thousands of home fires each year, and in increasing numbers during the winter months. They take lives and cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage annually. Luckily there are multiple ways to help protect yourself and reduce the likelihood of a dryer fire. [Read more…]

Home Safety: Winter Power Outage

Residential Substation SilhouetteEverything is harder in winter, and this holds doubly true for interruptions in your power. This is why planning ahead and acting quickly within the first hours of the power outage can do a lot to keep you comfortable in such a miserable time. While some of these instructions hold true for any time of the year, most are geared towards dealing with the cold and the weather that causes it. Be ready to react to a winter power outage by keeping these ideas and mind, and making some small purchases just in case. [Read more…]

When Does Renters Insurance Pay?

Home rental key in keyhole.More people rent than any time before, and it’s been slowly creeping up. According to the U.S. Census, in 2014 we’re now at 37% of rented households, and in certain large cities and states this can over 50% (in California 53% are renters). A 2015 survey by the Insurance Information Institute found that while 95% of homeowners had Homeowners Insurance, only 40% of renters and Renters Insurance. One of the reasons is the uncertainly of what if covers and when it comes into play verses other parties’ insurances providing the payout. A recent story highlights what happened when renters didn’t have the insurance and answers the question “when does renters insurance pay?” [Read more…]

Is Renters Insurance Worth It?

Is renters insurance worth it, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester, MANo one wants to need insurance. The only time you need your insurance is in a disaster, but when disaster strikes insurance prevents further anarchy. This is especially true for renters, who account for 35 percent of households according to the National Multifamily Housing Council. Many renters assume that their landlord’s insurance will cover them during a disaster, and this assumption is usually incorrect. If you read that and panicked, you should be asking yourself if renters’ insurance is worth it for you. [Read more…]

What You Should Know Before Buying a Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home is an expensive decision, and you want to get the best return on investment. In order to do this, make sure that you understand what you are getting yourself into before you make the final choice on your dream vacation home.

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