What Type of Fuel Should You Put in Your Vehicle?

A man using a bronze colored gas pump to fill up his black sedan's gas tank with fuelWith gas prices at record highs, it’s important to know your fueling options to avoid paying more than is necessary. With gas stations offering a variety of types with little information on display, it’s crucial to understand which is best for your car. Not only will using the wrong fuel potentially increase the price at the gas pump, but it can also have catastrophic consequences for your car. Let’s review some of the common types and which fuel you should put in your vehicle. [Read more…]

Tips for Buying a Business Car

A business woman driving a white business car with packages in the passenger's seat.From proving handy for deliveries to providing reliable transportation between work locations, there are some noteworthy benefits to investing in a company-owned vehicle. However, just like any major purchase, there are some key items to consider before signing over the check. Since there are many potential issues and complicated procedures that can cause some hefty company setbacks, let’s review some tips for buying a business car. [Read more…]