How to Keep Your Home Safe This Spring Flood Season

Rescuer standing in flood waters, looking down.April showers brings May floods? That’s not exactly how the rhyme is supposed to go, but there aren’t many things worse than walking down to your basement and having a three feet water intertwined with some of your beloved family memorabilia’s as pool toys.  Water damage can always put a damper on anyone’s mood and can be a costly clean up as well. According to FloodSmart, floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States and more than 3.5 billion dollars have been spent on insurance claims spanning from 2005-2014. With heavy rains, severe weather, and rapid snowmelt, spring is a particularly dangerous time of the year for floods. So, before it’s too late, learn a few tips that can keep your house safe this spring.

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Floodproofing Your Home

Floodproofing, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester, MA71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water. Odds are, some of that water will end up in your house at some point. It is unavoidable: no matter how well you waterproof your house, some H2O will leak in. So since you cannot prevent it from entering, here are some good ways to make sure it does not ruin your house and belongings. [Read more…]