What is an Annuity and How Does it Work?

What does retirement look like for you? Is it right around the corner, in the near future, or far out of sight? No matter what your answer may be, you should consider looking into an annuity. These financial tools can be a great way to augment or supersede traditional retirement savings. There are many different options to look into for saving, but an annuity could be the best option for you. If you want to live comfortably in the years after retirement without worrying about financial issues, then keep reading to find out how an annuity works.

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Business Identity Theft: Depositors Forgery Insurance

Identity theft is no longer only a consumer crime. Thieves have learned that businesses also have identities that can be stolen. From a criminal’s perspective, it is significantly more cost-effective to steal business identities than consumer identities. Businesses have bigger bank accounts, higher credit limits, and large purchases go undetected more easily. Thieves are targeting businesses for quick and easy profit, and unsuspecting businesses can be very easy targets. It is a serious risk and you need to know the facts and how to protect your business, before it becomes the next victim. [Read more…]

Minimize Your Chances of Debit Card Fraud

What do cash, checkbooks, and the Sumatran tiger have in common?  [Read more…]