Does an Underground Storage Tank Need Coverage?

Does an Underground Storage Tank Need Coverage With nearly 558,000 underground storage tanks housing petroleum and other hazardous substances across the country, a significant threat to the environment can arise. Due to these intense threats, it is crucial to have proper insurance coverage protecting you from any danger that may present itself in the future. In this blog, we review the local and federal standards while also discussing appropriate insurance coverage options for your underground storage tank.  [Read more…]

When Do You Need Pollution Liability Insurance?

PollutionDid you know that roughly every construction or commercial type of business has at least one environmental liability exposure? Pollution liability does not happen as frequently as you think, but when it does happen, it is large, expensive and complicated. That’s why if you own a business that can have an effect on polluting the environment, due to operations, negligence, or inventory, it is important to have the proper coverage. [Read more…]

Why Your Business Needs Pollution and Environmental Liability

clean up Crude oil stainPollution related incidents are often considered limited to events such as the BP Oil Spill of 2010 and the Flint Water Crisis in Michigan this year, but these are not the only environmental accidents that occur. Many small businesses use chemicals that can endanger their customers in high dosages. Accidents are unavoidable for companies, and many of these offenses are accompanied by high costs. Pollution and environmental liability protects businesses from these consequences. [Read more…]