How to Be Protected From Breaches in Employment Contracts

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The importance of a contract in any situation that has legal requirements attached to it cannot be understated, like employment. Not only do you want a contract as an employer, but also as an employee. The absence of a strong contract allows for more breaches of the agreement that both parties agreed upon. That’s why it’s important to take the time to understand the elements of an employment contract and get the proper protection for it.

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Non-Owned Auto Coverage to Protect Your Employees

man in suit driving his carYour company has employees, and your employees have cars. When they use their cars on behalf of your business and get into an accident, who is liable for the accident? In our blog When Do You Need Commercial Car Insurance? we took a look at some examples where the line becomes blurred and insurance policies revoke their coverage. Today we’ll go over signs that your company needs to provide insurance for your employees, and how a non-owned auto coverage policy might be the right choice between no coverage and getting company cars with commercial vehicle insurance. [Read more…]

Employer and Employees: Workers Compensation

workers compensation, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester, MALife is uncertain: nowhere is this clearer than the workplace. Regardless of your industry or location, employees will get injured while on the clock. Just as it is the responsibility of the employer to provide the safest work environment they can, it’s also their responsibility for your workers should they get injured in the line of duty. This is why Workers Compensation Insurance exists and why United States’ federal and state law requires employers to carry it. [Read more…]