Home Safety: Winter Power Outage

Residential Substation SilhouetteEverything is harder in winter, and this holds doubly true for interruptions in your power. This is why planning ahead and acting quickly within the first hours of the power outage can do a lot to keep you comfortable in such a miserable time. While some of these instructions hold true for any time of the year, most are geared towards dealing with the cold and the weather that causes it. Be ready to react to a winter power outage by keeping these ideas and mind, and making some small purchases just in case. [Read more…]

For The Worst: A Bug Out Bag Checklist

In the case of an emergency, sometimes the best course of action is to leave your home and seek shelter elsewhere. When seconds count, a sense of urgency is critical. Instead of waiting until the last minute to pack the necessary supplies, you can be proactive by assembling a basic survival kit known as a “bug out bag.” Here are some suggestions for what to pack when developing your bug out bag checklist.

Bug Out Bag Checklist [Read more…]