How Long Do Auto Insurance Claims Stay on Your Record?

A woman in a blue shirt kneeling next to a fender bender with another carNo matter how safe of a driver you are, a car accident can still occur at any moment. Fortunately, that’s what filing a car insurance claim is for: protecting you in case disaster strikes. However, after notifying your insurer of the accident, your claim is recorded on your file. This can potentially result in changes such as a premium increase and an adjustment to your car insurance rate.  As such, you may be wondering how long auto insurance claims stay on your record, and we’re here to help clarify that for you. [Read more…]

What Factors Affect Your Boat Insurance Rate?

What Factors Affect Your Boat Insurance RateSummer is almost here, and that means fun days spent on the water in your boat. While this is extremely fun, accidents can happen when boating, which is why there is boat insurance. So, as a boat owner, you must understand how much your boating insurance can cost and what factors affect your insurance rate. [Read more…]

5 Tips to Reducing Motorcycle Insurance Costs

Taking a motorcycle out for a ride.The reasons to own a motorcycle are as varied as the bikes themselves as well as the drivers. To some it’s a break from conformity, to others it’s a fun second vehicle, and to some it’s a less expensive form of transportation. Regardless of your reasons for owning one, just like with a car you’re required to have it insured. And while many motorcycles close less than equivalent cars, it’s sometimes shocking how much your insurance policy premiums can be. Here are five tips for reducing motorcycle insurance costs: [Read more…]