Safety Tips While Driving with Pets

A dog in a cloth carriage restrained in the rear seat of a car using a pet leash, signifying keeping your pet safe while driving.Animal-lovers tend to think of pets as members of the family. Pet owners will often take their dog or cat along with them to the local groomer, pet store, or even on road trips. However, whereas humans can take precautions when driving, such as fastening their seatbelt, it’s much more difficult to impart the same level of safety for our pets. Seeing as animals can often be rambunctious and unpredictable, it’s best to become aware of some safety tips while driving with pets. [Read more…]

Expensive Dog Breeds When it Comes to Your Homeowners Insurance

Expensive Dog Breeds, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester, MADid you know that the type of dog you own could affect the price of your homeowners insurance premium? The next time that you think about adopting a new pet, it may be a good idea to consider the cost of your homeowners insurance before making your decision. [Read more…]