Back-to-School Safe Diving Tips

A yellow school bus driving through a residential neighborhood, meant to signal back-to-school safe driving tips.If you or your neighbor’s children haven’t already started school, they soon will. School buses full of children and students walking or biking to school are soon to spike road congestion and increase the number of hazards on your commute. The start of the school year can be a dangerous time for students, as drivers may still be in summer mode and not yet adjusted to the new traffic patterns. That’s why we’re here to provide a few key back-to-school safe driving tips that can keep you and your community protected. [Read more…]

The Dancing Traffic Light: Entertaining and Saving Lives

Distractions are normally the last thing we want for pedestrians on busy roads, but for the capital city of Portugal, entertainment may save lives. Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal with both a thriving public and tourist season year-round. As such pedestrians and drivers alike must share the road, even when they are more interested in getting to their destinations and taking in the sights. A new sidewalk traffic light installed in one of their busy squares shows a solution to keeping crosswalks clear when vehicles have the right of way. [Read more…]