Should You Purchase an Extended Warranty for Your Car?

A closeup of an electronic car key on a desk with a hand holding a pen signing an extended car warranty in the backgroundMost of us have been burned by the costs of hefty auto repairs, many of which aren’t our fault. There’s always the hesitancy of trusting in the reliability of a new car, regardless of the state of the vehicle. If you’ve purchased a car from a dealership, you’re accustomed to the moment the salesperson inevitably pitches you an extended warranty. Despite the price, there’s often a fair amount of consideration that goes into your decision. In this blog, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of an extended warranty for your car to help simplify your decision. [Read more…]

Changes to The MA State DOT Markings Regulation

Changes to The MA State DOT Markings RegulationFour days ago, a new regulation went into effect for the State of Massachusetts which can affect anyone who gets behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle that weighs 10,001 lbs. or more used in Intrastate commerce. The changes could affect customers written on a Massachusetts Auto Policy class 30 such as plumbers, carpenters, electrician, etc. [Read more…]

What Policies Cover Ridesharing Drivers?

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have gained massive popularity due to their convenience, tracking ability, and friendly drivers. Since this industry began, millions of rideshares are taken monthly, and billions of consumers’ dollars are spent on them annually. So, if you’ve been considering becoming a ridesharing driver for Uber or Lyft, it’s important to know what kind of auto insurance you’ll need and what kind of coverage these two companies provide. [Read more…]

Non-Owned Auto Coverage to Protect Your Employees

man in suit driving his carYour company has employees, and your employees have cars. When they use their cars on behalf of your business and get into an accident, who is liable for the accident? In our blog When Do You Need Commercial Car Insurance? we took a look at some examples where the line becomes blurred and insurance policies revoke their coverage. Today we’ll go over signs that your company needs to provide insurance for your employees, and how a non-owned auto coverage policy might be the right choice between no coverage and getting company cars with commercial vehicle insurance. [Read more…]

Requirements to Operate a Snow Plow

Operate a Snow Plow, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Worcester, MAEvery year thousands of New Englanders strap plows onto the front of their trucks, transforming them from personal workhorses into sources of profit in the snowy months and nor’easters. However, this also transforms their personal vehicle into a commercial one, with the added risks that occur when operating this heavy machinery. This requires additional registration, permits, and insurance on the behalf of the driver because now they are operating a commercial vehicle in a high-risk setting. [Read more…]

When Do You Need Commercial Car Insurance?

Commercial Car Insurance, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester, MAA women who worked for a California laundry service found out in a recent fender-bender that while out making a delivery that her personal vehicle’s insurance didn’t cover the accident. Since she was working at the time, and transporting customer goods during the time of the accident, her insurance company decided that the accident fell under the purview of “work-related” and would not cover her accident, or even a tow truck. Her employer, while it had asked for her insurance information when she started working for them, did not mention the need to upgrade to commercial coverage for her auto insurance. [Read more…]