6 Questions to Ask Your Realtor Before Buying a Home

realtor speaks with couple buying a home outside of housePurchasing a home can be a stressful experience. There’s so much to consider: from location to budget to size and more, it’s a very involved process. And when you’re investing this much money and time, it’s important to do your research and have the resources needed to make an informed purchasing decision—you certainly don’t want to leave anything to chance! Luckily, the realtor you work with can be a great source of knowledge along the way. To help aid in a smooth home buying experience, here are six of the most worthwhile questions to ask your realtor before the sale goes through. [Read more…]

Things to Do Before Buying Your First House

These days, more than ever, homebuyers are extremely cautious when it comes to purchasing their first house. In this unstable economy, people are waiting longer and longer to buy their first home because it can be considered a risky purchase. Before anyone purchases a home, they must first ensure that their finances are in order and be aware of home buying tactics. [Read more…]

5 Things to Look at when Buying a House

5 things to look at when buying a house, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester MAWhen looking for a new home, there are many things that you may be considering for convenience or aesthetic reasons, such as: location, number of bedrooms, a yard for your children and pets, etc. However, you may want to consider what your homeowners insurance will be once you purchase a home, and looking at certain factors can help you decide whether or not a house will be worth it. [Read more…]

5 Tips for Closing on a House

Closing on a House, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester, MAWhen closing on a house, preparation is essential.

The old saying goes “you can never be over prepared,” and in this case it’s certainly true.

The process of finding your dream home or even your first house can be a lengthy and stressful process. From start to finish there are a lot of extras that come with finding a house that suits you best. Sometimes this makes it easy to forget about the excitement that the process should bring. [Read more…]