What is Filings and Registrations Fraud?

What is Filings and Registrations Fraud? - TJ Woods - Worcester, MAIdentity theft is a well-documented danger to individuals of all walks of life. However, thieves have begun focusing their attention on businesses wherever possible. Not only is it easier to slip large purchases past large companies, their information is often easier to access. One of the ways thieves can access it is by committing “filings and registrations fraud.”

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How to Recover From Business Identity Theft

If your business has become the victim of business identity theft, you need to take immediate action. If you suspect your business has had its identity compromised you should still act immediately to safeguard your assets and determine if you are, in fact, the victim of business identity theft. Criminals who have stolen your business’ identity know that these breeches are usually discovered quickly, so they try to gain as much profit as possible before their scam gets shut down. [Read more…]