What are Ghost Kitchens and Their Insurance Requirements?

A line of cooking stations arranged in a ghost kitchenDining out is more about eating in as a result of the pandemic. In the past few years, restaurant owners and kitchen staff have been seeking opportunities to generate income in a restaurant industry devastated by COVID-19. Ghost kitchens are the latest trend to help aspiring restauranteurs – as well as established restaurants – participate in the market while minimizing the risk of contracting COVID. Let’s discuss the new phenomenon of ghost kitchens and the insurance requirements of those that use them. [Read more…]

The Benefits of Going Green with Your Business

An assortment of biodegradable restaurant packaging including cups, straws, boxes, and bags.Going green is not just a passing trend; it’s necessary to achieve widespread environmental sustainability. Powering your business through renewable energy sources and other eco-friendly means of operation not only gains the admiration of your customers but also creates a safer and less costly work environment. Fueling your business with these environmentally conscious practices is a recipe for success in this current social climate. To truly understand the value, let’s review some of the benefits of going green with your business. [Read more…]

What Insurance Does a Brewery Need?

Breweries have been flourishing in Massachusetts, with 26 new businesses being established in 2018 and a total of 178 across the commonwealth. All of these businesses require specific insurance coverages to insure they’re protected from potential disaster. In fact, they tend to demand more than the average business due to the number of risks involved in the production of alcohol. If you’re looking to join the flourishing brewing industry, we’ve provided a list of recommended coverages that will get you started in the right direction. [Read more…]

What Insurance Coverage Does Your Auto Repair Shop Need

 What Insurance Coverage Does Your Auto Repair Shop Need As an automotive service and repair company, your job is to help keep your customers’ cars on the road. Your customers can tell you, it only takes a second for the unexpected to happen. Before you know it, your business could be the one in need of a repair. This article discusses the vital insurance policies needed to help run your automotive business as efficiently as your service. [Read more…]

Business Interruption Insurance: Is It Important?

Business Interruption Insurance: Why Is It Important?Small business owners will not hesitate to buy coverage insurance to protect their entity due to physical damage of the property or liability protection. What if something happened to their business that made it temporarily unusable? Too many owners skip over this fact. Thankfully, there is a little something called business interruption insurance that will protect their business in a big way. [Read more…]

Shutting Down Your Business For The Winter

Shutting Down Your Business For The Winter - TJ Woods - Worcester, MAAs a business owner, you may be faced with shutting down your business for the winter. You may be planning to do it, or you may be forced to close down temporarily. Closing your business during the winter months or the holiday festivities can provide a temporary break from the stress of the daily work. However, a business requires maintenance and care even while closed. Here are some things you should do to keep it in good shape.

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