Why You Shouldn’t Neglect a Vehicle Recall

We likA mechanic in a manufacturers auto body shop inspecting a car's engine due to a vehicle recalle to think that the vehicle we drive is safe and reliable, but malfunctioning parts are far more common than we think. Even when we receive a vehicle recall notice in the mail, it can be easy to ignore the problem, as fixing it can be a considerable inconvenience. However, it’s essential to recognize how important these recalls are, as even the smallest malfunction can lead to life-threatening situations. Not only can ignoring recalls be a threat to your safety, but they can affect your insurance and result in legal ramifications. It’s time to understand how neglecting a vehicle recall can hurt you. [Read more…]

What Insurance Coverage Does Your Auto Repair Shop Need

 What Insurance Coverage Does Your Auto Repair Shop Need As an automotive service and repair company, your job is to help keep your customers’ cars on the road. Your customers can tell you, it only takes a second for the unexpected to happen. Before you know it, your business could be the one in need of a repair. This article discusses the vital insurance policies needed to help run your automotive business as efficiently as your service. [Read more…]