The Pros and Cons of Leasing a Vehicle

Two red cars and a white car lined front to back that are available for lease on a dealership floor room.Deciding to lease or buy a car can be a difficult decision, especially given the inflation of vehicle prices. Given these hefty price tags, it might be tempting to lease a car, as you’re likely to have a lower monthly payment. Although, with purchasing a car, you have the comfort of knowing that at the end of your loan payments, you’ll own your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to consider whether leasing is the right choice for you, and we’re here to help you by covering some of the pros and cons of leasing a vehicle. [Read more…]

How the Chip Shortage and Supply Chain are Affecting Auto Policies

A close of the semiconductor computer chip used in vehicles.Early in the pandemic, car manufacturers and other technological industries severely cut back on their computer chip orders, fearing a global recession. In response to these actions, semiconductor manufacturers reduced chip production, which has led to an increase in demand. We’ve all witnessed the effects this has had on the automotive industry, such as skyrocketing vehicle prices and vehicle shortages. This shortage, combined with the woes incurred by the global supply chain, is having an impact on insurance. Let’s review how the chip shortage and supply chain are affecting auto policies. [Read more…]

What Type of Fuel Should You Put in Your Vehicle?

A man using a bronze colored gas pump to fill up his black sedan's gas tank with fuelWith gas prices at record highs, it’s important to know your fueling options to avoid paying more than is necessary. With gas stations offering a variety of types with little information on display, it’s crucial to understand which is best for your car. Not only will using the wrong fuel potentially increase the price at the gas pump, but it can also have catastrophic consequences for your car. Let’s review some of the common types and which fuel you should put in your vehicle. [Read more…]

What Does It Mean to Bundle Your Insurance Policies?

The inside of a tiled garage with a white minivan and black ATV parked inside, meant to represent the benefits of bundling your insurance policies.Insurance is a necessary expense for most households, but it doesn’t have to be an investment that breaks the bank. You want to be sure you’re getting the best coverage for your possessions while also utilizing possible discounts. If you’re the owner of both a home and a vehicle, there’s likely an opportunity to secure savings by bundling your policies. Beyond savings, you can also take advantage of the other benefits bundling has to offer. Let’s discuss what it means to bundle your insurance policies and all the perks that come with doing so. [Read more…]

5 Modern Tips to Boost Your Vehicle’s Security

A black car key fob resting on a black leather seat.Don’t leave your car running unattended. Always lock your car doors. Roll up your windows. Park in well-lit areas. While these bits of advice are still effective at deterring would-be thieves nowadays, advancements in automobile technology have inadvertently generated a new list of vulnerabilities. Vehicle theft was once only accessible to those with a lock pick and some hot-wiring expertise, but with the addition of wireless functions, hackers have entered the game. That’s why we’re here to update you with some modern tips to boost your vehicle’s security. [Read more…]

Tips for When Your Car is Stuck in the Snow

The front end of a black car stuck in snow with a person using a blue shovel to clear the snow in front of the tires.For many residents, a blizzard often isn’t an excuse to stay in. With many people working vital jobs, it’s important to know how to free your car from a mound of snow. Veteran drivers in the northern US likely know a thing or two about freeing their vehicle in winter, but for new drivers or those new to the wintery climate, it’s wise to brush up on the topic before it happens to you. As this is an all-too-common occurrence in New England, let’s go over some tips for when your car is stuck in the snow. [Read more…]