Six of the Most Dangerous Intersections in New England

Six of the Most Dangerous Intersections in New EnglandDriving in New England is certainly different than driving anywhere else in the United States. There are many hills and winding roads that litter the six New England states. Along with the difficult geography, the weather plays an inimitable part in the conditions of the roads. The constant changing of the weather, from freezing cold to mildly warm, creates bumps called frost heaves as well as many, many potholes. Lastly, there are many unique intersections that are not typically found in America. Rotaries are circular intersections where people drive counterclockwise around a center island and get off at their desired exits. These can be found all over New England. There are many individual intersections that can be confusing for new drivers. Kelley Square in Worcester, MA, for example, has ten roads all intersecting into one area. All of these factors have contributed to many accidents occurring all around the Northeast corner, and there are ten intersections in which drivers have particularly bad luck. GoLocalProv put together a list of the most dangerous intersections by factoring in total number of accidents, fatalities, injuries, and property damage.


New Haven. Merritt Parkway Mile Marker 46.42-47.03

Rhode Island

Pawtucket. Interstate 95. Exit 29 (U.S. 1/Broadway/Cottage St).


Somerville. Mystic Ave. and Fellsway


Bridgton. Portland Rd., Willis Park Rd. and Portland Rd., Sandy Creek Rd.


Rutland City. 47 US-7 and US-4

New Hampshire

Manchester. NH 285 (Beech St.) and Cilley Rd.

Wherever you live in New England, there are sure to be dangerous intersections, road conditions, and reckless drivers. Make sure you and your car are insured so you can be prepared for the worst. TJ Woods Insurance on 20 Park Ave. in Worcester, MA will be sure to get you the best coverage possible to make sure that no matter what happens, you will be in safe hands. Contact us for a free quote today.

What other dangerous intersections do you know of in New England?