Why You Shouldn’t Text and Drive

Texting and driving has become much more popular than in the past. This is accredited to the rise of technology, and the increasing popularity of texting in general. If you aren’t convinced that texting and driving is dangerous, and something you shouldn’t do, here are some more reasons that might make you reconsider. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t text and drive.


Consider Other People

Why You Shouldn't Text and Drive, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Worcester MAWhen you decide to text and drive, you are no longer considering the safety of other people. Your passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians can all potentially be hurt or killed because of your decision to text and drive. Next time before you pick up your phone while driving, consider the lives of other people.


Laws That Ban Texting

Not only do you know that it is dangerous to text and drive, but there is also a chance that it is illegal. In Massachusetts, texting and driving is illegal. Also talking on the phone while driving if you are under 18 is also illegal. Not only can you hurt other people, and yourself, but texting and driving can also cause legal troubles, which can take a toll both financially and emotionally.


Increased Insurance Rates

If your insurance company finds the reason for an accident is because you were texting, you could be in some trouble. Your insurance rate will go up, and it will go up even more if in the police report cites that you were texting and driving. In the worst-case scenario, the insurance company could even drop your policy completely.


Texting and Driving is Worse than Driving Drunk

Research has shown that texting and driving is more debilitating than driving under the influence of alcohol. In fact, reading or sending a text message decreases your reaction time more than if you had over the legal limit of alcohol. Next time you think of texting and driving as “no big deal” consider this statistic.


The Risk of Having an Accident

Over 1 million accidents every year are caused by texting and driving.  In 2011, a study found that texting and driving makes you 23% more likely to get into an accident. Taking your eyes off the road for even one second is extremely dangerous, and that is why texting and driving causes so many accidents every year.


Do not be a person that has to deal with the consequences of texting and driving. It can cause accidents, legal problems, and even worse, death. Our staff at TJ Woods Insurance Agency in Worcester, Massachusetts supports the laws against texting. We hope that you realize that your safety and the safety of others comes before any text message, it can wait. If you want to be covered in case an accident does happen, contact one of our agents.